The digital cloud is a personal blog about visual trends, music videos and everything else that circles in the digital media atmosphere.

Burning Man - Lake Of Dreams

Roy Two Thousand captures how the empty, barren desert transforms into a bacchanalian festival filled with face-painted fire-poi dancers, massive glowing pyramids, giant naked lady sculptures, fireworks, and unreal sunrises. The sheer breadth of the sequences, the vastness of the shots, and the artistic stringing together of it all makes for something special.

Spoon - Inside Out

Spoon has been essential listening for blossoming indie nerds and rock veterans alike, forging an easy coalition between the two factions, if only for a show’s length. Inside Out is a luxuriant slow-burner with a sweet harp solo you should listen and watch. Simple but brilliant. The idea of this piece wanders around the concept of hacked memories, to achieve this effect I experimented with digital image errors, as if someone was manipulating our brain making us forget and imagine new imposible scenarios.

Foam Drive Renegades

What a fantastic short film directed by Adam DeViller!!! A realist crime drama featuring a convenience store, some goons and a puppet in the crosshairs. A bunch of amateur criminals is joined by their loose cannon friend, who’s a drug addict. And a puppet. Mixing dark comedy tones with a crime thriller narrative.


There are 2 types of footballers; those who do, and those who die. Lovely new spot for MTN in South Africa/ Director Daniel Levi. 

Above The Wedge

The Wedge is what it is, a freak of nature in Newport Beach and one of the most famous shorebreaks in California. Air Reel Productions recently put together a stunning sick edit of all their drone footage, showcasing the Wedge from a dynamic bird’s eye view.


…is a story with many feels packed in 10 minutes. An intelligent story about a lonely figure made of red balloons. The figure is surrounded by people who seem happy, but don´t notice him.

Greg Jardin and the Floating team have managed to turn the simplest of stories into a beautifully emotive and engaging film - all of which is emphasized by the seamless blend of carefully composed live action shots and CGI. Genius.

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