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Cage The Elephant - Cigarette Daydreams

Mark Pellington said: “A murder mystery? A love story? Real life madness? “Cigarette Daydreams” is an ambitious music video / short film inspired by real events and fictional images. It is a fractured, hallucinatory love story hatched by myself and lyricist singer Matt Shultz. A tale of madness and mystery, the dark but melancholy story follows a young woman coming to terms with her past and her future.

A black and white tribute to French New Wave cinema, with a bleak narrative, perfectly compliments its tone. Cage The Elephant have released this new video, the latest single from the group´s third album, last year Melophobia. Love.

alt-J - Every Other Freckle (BOY)

alt-J has turned it on here in the final stretch. We’re less than three weeks away from the release of their next album This Is All Yours, and the English four-piece has paired the magnificent “Every Other Freckle” with not one, but two accompanying videos. Both Olivier Groulx - directed videos are visually similar but you have the option of following a boy or a girl, or both!

Metronomy - Month of Sundays

The final piece of visual wonderment for “Month of Sundays” does not disappoint. It’s a woozy motion-sickness-inducing trip set in concrete directed by Callum Cooper.

This album campaign has seen some pretty great visuals produced for the band, including the quaint animation for “Reservoir” by Daniel Brereton, the galactic outing in “I’m Aquarius” from Édouard Salier and music video master Michel Gondry working his magic for “Love Letters”.


Love. Roberto D’Amico and Dutch surfer Yannick De Jager scoring around Bali islands. The Indo flu is easy to catch – and once you’ve got it, you can’t stop going back.

This is a film about Tom and Maddy

Tom and Maddy are a horribly mismatched young couple. How far will they go to hold their relationship together? Intriguing shortfilm with an unexpected focus.

Burning Man - Lake Of Dreams

Roy Two Thousand captures how the empty, barren desert transforms into a bacchanalian festival filled with face-painted fire-poi dancers, massive glowing pyramids, giant naked lady sculptures, fireworks, and unreal sunrises. The sheer breadth of the sequences, the vastness of the shots, and the artistic stringing together of it all makes for something special.

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